Thursday, August 11, 1994

breakfast burritos

Here's how I make the breakfast burritos:
* I apologize, I don't always use exact measurements when I cook *

I usually start with the salsa (you can make the night before)

1 can of corn
1 can of black beans
partial can of green chilies
2-3 diced tomatoes (1-2 cans would be ok)
diced onions (1/8 to 1/4 cup depending on your taste)
sweet basil, garlic, salt, red pepper, sugar and cilantro to taste

* Brown rice (I don't usually like Minute Rice, but their brown rice is good. I had a small box and used it all).
* It's not necessary, but I add about 2 TBLS of taco sauce to the rice.
* Cheddar cheese
* Egg beaters
* flour or wheat tortillas (at least 12 per batch)
Then, just start an assembly line.  Fill the tortillas with the salsa, rice, cheese, and eggs. 

I usually try to make up the whole recipe at one time, individually wrap and freeze the extra.
The frozen burritos are easy to pull out and microwave.
Another helpful hint: I think it's easier to fold the tortillas if you warm them up a little 1st.  I either microwave them about 15 seconds as I go, or this time I actually used my vegetable steamer pan.  It sounds funny, but just putting them in the basket with the lid off for the time it took to fill a burrito, worked out just right.

Of course, you could make just a couple and use store bought salsa to make it easier.  But, if you can find the time, it is nice to have a healthy breakfast you can easily warm in the microwave.
Good luck!
Mary Ellen

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