Thursday, April 30, 2009

joels birthday

It started as a sunny day in Joel Kalinowski's bedroom. He woke, stretched, hit the floor with his feet and ran out of his room to see who was up. He had breakfast with Daddy and then got me out of bed so he could hope his presents. When he opened his Knight costume from Ceecee, Sophie and Michel, he got dressed immediately before he opened the rest of his presents.

At school, he shared his birthday with his classmate Ben and all the kids ate cupcakes. Mira came with us after school to go out to lunch at Joe's Crabshack.. Joel's pick. The kids hardly ate because they were too excited.
Mira kept on telling Joel secrets, prefacing them with 'Don't tell your parents what I am going to say to you".  She was a spicy meatball, as her mother likes to call her!   She is so cute she can get away with being as spicy as she likes.  As far as Joel is concerned, the spicier the cuter.

Joel has been wanting to go to the build-a-bear workshop for years (at least 3) and we finally gave in.  After his afternoon nap we headed to the mall.  Joel had already decided which creature he was going to make and picked out his outfits.  He had also watched other kids make bears, so knew what to do.   Because of this, it was more of a mission than an experience because Joel was so expedient. He really adores "Mr. Bunny", though.


The day ended with his requested dinner (spaghettios-- I love making dinner out of a can!) and with watching THE MAN WITH THE IRON MASK.

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