Wednesday, June 03, 2009

1st Annual MOPS Scavenger hunt (we're doing it again next year!)

Our first Mops scavenger hunt, of the digital variety was organized by our wonderful Josie.   
We gathered at the agreed on location before we started out on our nefarious mission.  There would be winners and there would be losers.
Josie’s daughter Colleen would be the judge...

Someone doing the Monkey Bars
The Winning Team (Veronica, Flo, Karla, Danielle)

The runner up (Sara, Emma,  Dawn)
Strangers Kissing
Drinking Fountain

Two people on a slide together

Mops Member sitting at a bar
Stranger doing a return

Stranger talking on phone while driving;

Something with a MOPS logo
Black Minivan:
Hugging a stop-sign
ringing someone's doorbell and asking for a picture with them
stranger modeling clothes
group eating french fries:
picture of someone pumping gas
Stranger buying something from Carters
group doing Chinese Fire Drill at a stoplight
MOPS member donating money:
MOPS members sneaking dessert from the room without being caught;
someone buying something at grocery store
And... a sighting of Jesus:

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