Friday, June 05, 2009

daily rhythm

I do well when I have structure, routine and predictability.  Kind of like a balanced diet.  There are certain things I need daily and others that are special treats.   The last three weeks have unnerved me because of the lack of routine.  No preschool for Joel.  No MOPS. Aaron leaving for work so early that we don’t see him in the mornings. Aaron working weekends... Visitors, visiting other people, dinner at different times of the day.  I am discombobulated.  

Joel put the brakes on everything today by waking up late with a sore throat and his voice almost gone.  That means we didn’t go to a park to meet friends.  Instead we snuggled on the sofa,  played with his toys on the living room floor and painted outside.  I fast forwarded our day by an hour so that we ate lunch early and I put him down for his nap early.  He needed it. I needed it.  If he had not needed it I would not have got it.   

I don't know what time Aaron leaves for work in the morning and I don’t want to would probably scare me.   On a normal day Aaron and Joel get up together and eat breakfast and then Aaron wakes me up when they have finished.  With Aaron leaving earlier, I sleep until Joel comes in the room and wakes me up.    He comes in the bed with me and puts my stuff animals in with me.  He lets me rest for another five minutes and then switches on the light and tells me to get  moving! It is a nice routine.

I can complain about things changing, but Aaron is the one who is doing the real work.   Change is just more of a stressor for me than it is for him.  I know what stresses Aaron out...

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