Friday, June 05, 2009

need to record the odd, interesting, bizarre and heartwarming things I see

Summer has officially started. I know this because the pool is open and Joel started summer camp.
Since Solomon died in February I have been avoiding being home alone because of the emptiness (sorry Jeremiah). cats are like teenagers.  They spend all day sleeping in another room and then get up in the evening and sulk around the house.   Apparently Jeremiah tried to wake Joel up in the night to play with him by meowing loudly outside Joel’s door.  Maybe we should get him a feline friend to play with at night.

Anyway... off on a tangent.  I dropped Joel off and he clung to my leg.  He doesn’t know anyone at the camp.  Last year he went with Mira.    So, while he is clinging to his leg a boy comes up to us and says :”  I know you guys!  I played with you at the park!”  This kid’s name is Keegan and he will be in Joel’s kindergarten class next year!  How cool is that.   It made me glad that he is doing the camp.   If there is one thing that is worse than showing up at summer camp and not knowing anyone, it is showing up at school and not knowing anyone.  believe me!  I know!  Actually, my parents were always good enough to find someone from the school for me to meet before the first day.  

I came home to the empty house and wasted the time by wandering around despondently.  When Joel came home it was wonderful to feel his spirit in the house again.  The whole atmosphere brightened.   Next Thursday, however, i will set my self some tasks and use the time better.

I also need to record the odd, interesting, bizarre and heartwarming things I see around me.  That will awaken me from my post Solomon slump.  On the way home from dropping Joel off I saw a man riding his bike with a 24 pack of beer.   I imagine he has a DUI.   A few yards later I saw a man with no legs sitting at a stop sign.


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