Friday, June 05, 2009

pretty girls and embarrassment

Joel wears a diaper to sleep- apparently quite common for boys his age.  We get him up once in the night to pee but he still needs the diaper because his bladder just has not caught up to the rest of his body yet.   The one struggle we have over it is that  when in the morning he dresses himself he forgets to throw the diaper in the trash.   We have lots of arguments in which I threaten to put his dirty diaper in his pillow case as an incentive to start throwing them away.   Then he calls me a super-mean mommy.

Anyway, a happy incident on Wednesday might have broken him of his habit.   His friend Katherine came over to play.  We cleaned the house excitedly awaiting her arrival.   It might not surprise you to know that Katherine is very pretty and that her eyelashes are the longest ones Joel has ever seen, so he says.    When she arrived he did his usual mating dance of not being able to look her in the eye and then doing donkey kicks in circles.  When he had calmed himself down he and Katherine played nicely together under the watchful eye of Katherine’s brother Nicholas.

After about an Hour, Joel said “Katherine!  Do you want to come in my bedroom?”.   What do you think was the first thing Katherine saw when she walked in his bedroom.   In the middle of the floor.  That is right... the discarded dirty diaper.

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