Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1000s dead, foot wounded

Thousands of bees died today protected themselves from what has become known as the attack of the giant Emma foot.   The foot fled and is presumed to be still at large.   Bees are investigating the foot vehicle.. known as  ‘the shoe”.  The assailant is thought to return later today to retrieve this transportation device.  Also injured in the attack are the ankle, the hand and the neck.

acquaintances of both bees and foot are surprised at the scuffle as no previous tension had been noted. Foot had been seen working in concert with hand in watering the flowers the bees use for food.   The community is shocked and it is not clear how they will deal with the situation.  One individual commented that he thought the bees should be forced to “go to the hospital so they can cut off their stingers”

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