Saturday, November 28, 2009

Marshall Michigan

At the intersection of I-69 and I-94 is an untold treasure: Marshall, Michigan!  If it was not for Jenny Hoban we would have never discovered it!   Jenny and Liam were going to meet us in Marshall given that is it half way between where she lives and where we spent Thanksgiving  AND it is on our way home to Indianapolis.  Jenny and Liam ended up not being able to meet us but we stopped in Marshall anyway.  What a pleasant surprise!  We spent two hours there poking around and we had lunch at a greasy spoon that served breakfast for lunch.  We took Toby for a walk and Aaron got to look at an architectural  antique (aka big junk) store.  BTW, Toby is a great traveler.  He snuggles up next to Joel and sleeps the whole  way.  

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