Sunday, May 30, 2010

May Highlights!

 watching Joel and his friend Josh run through the sprinklers in our back yard and hearing Joel say "This is the best day of my life"
  Coloring the picture Joel drew for me so that we could give it to "Daddy".
 admiritng Joel's art!  I might like to make stuff but I can't draw and he really can!   He copied a picture from the book that Ceecee, Sophie and Michel gave him for Christmas last year.
   Saxon conqueror?
Getting back in the K of C pool Memorial Day weekend!
   seeing the happy smile on Joel's face as he was surrounded by friends on his school's field trip to the zoo.  He really loves to travel in a pack!
  Two of the uncles coming to visit Joel for his birthday
Grandma visiting!
 Cheering on Joel at his soccer games... and seeing him really improve toward the end of the season.
  Practicing with Joel getting Toby ready for the dog Olympics and then watching him  croak when it came to the real deal.   He came last in the t-shirt race even though he had practiced.  He jumped through a hoop, which we had not!

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