Monday, July 30, 2012

High school reunion action

picgtured here, me and Joel at the Lugnuts game, Mel and Aaron, Jeff wojik, Joey Schroeder, Todd Cowan, Elizabeth Newell, Jenny Grasman, Kurt Hildorf, Dana Duffey, Amy Blazyk, Nguyen Le, Susan Chang, Marlon Wrtight, Sheila .   I can't remember everyone's married names.  Sorry!   Everyone was a lot nicer than I remembered, except the people I already thought were nice. 

Joey Schroeder, Coleen, Shannon, Amy, Dana, Nick Rabideau, Sheila
This one has Kurt, Linda Arens and Kevin Lick.

Lansing Nuthouse was the venue.   July 28, 2012.   20 year high school reunion.

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