Friday, August 17, 2012

Vacation at last! Lake Barkley Kentucky

Aaron had been stressed but we finally escaped from the trappings of our Indianapolis worries. He booked what I thought would be a fishing trip but it turned out to be fun for the non-fishers as well.    Aaron and Joel went fishing every morning while I slept and Aaron went fishing every evening while Joel slept.

Here is the Bridge to Kentucky over the Ohio River on I-65.

Our destination was Lake Barkley Resort Park.  It was a perfect place for a vacation.  Joe said it was a place he had only dreamed off.  when I looked before hand on line, I found pictures of a bunch of houses under water.  I turns out that the lake was made by building a dam and so, whole towns had been submerged.   Fascinating!

Did you notice that several of the letters from Kalinowski and Barker are in the name of the resort?   Clever, clever Aaron!
There was a beach but it wasn't very nice.   A fake lake has a fake beach and fake beaches are pretty to look at but not to sit on.   We hiked to the lake an hour each way.  When we got back to the hotel we discovered that Aaron and Joel were covered with ticks.   I didn't get any as I walked faster ahead of them.  I walked faster than a jumping tick apparently. I picked all the ticks off and, if you know me well you know, it was a pleasure for meWe were home on the range where the buffalo roam.  Also elk - but they were a little shier.   There was a discouraging word.  Not too many as I payed Joel a dollar at every meal time if he had not complained since the one before.
Horse-riding was the main attraction for me and Joel. I  could have ridden horses all day if it hadn't hurt my backside so much!   Joel's horse Hank kept on wandering off into the trees and Joel really had a lesson in how to control your horse!   He loved it and was successful.  I think growing up with dogs bigger than him helped him out.
Joel and the mischievous Hank
Another big hit was the nature park we went to at Land between the lakes.  The naturalists were well informed and we learned a lot of interesting thins about birds of prey and coyotes.  Did you know that there are coyotes in Chicago?  They are not endangered to say the least.   The coyotes at the nature park are imprinted.  That is, they were raised by humans who thought they were dogs, and therefore; cannot survive in the wild alone. The owls we saw had been injured and could not function in the wild. 

Here's Joel and Aaron with Aaron's fish.   I was reading with them while they fished.  It was peaceful.
   I sported a new fashion- underwear on my head.  anything for a cheap laugh from Joel.

Wasn't there a movie called ON golden pond?  I think I remember watching it at Ridgevale Primary school some Saturday morning in the gym.  

Swimming of course was daily and compulsory and loved. I am amazed by how high Aaron can throw Joel in the air.
We all got a bulls eye at archery and met an interesting man who told us the history of the park and the area.

We went to a site called home place that was a working farm with people in costumes from the 1800s.  It was excellent. what made it even better, I think , was that we were the only people there except for an Austrian couple.

We stopped at the Bass Pro shop to pick up bait on the way. I had bought Aaron a gift card an anniversary present.  That place is fantastical!


 Holiday World.    Joel hated most of the rides and the water park was rained out as soon as we put our bathing suits on.  It was a memory!
Back home in Indiana!  Check out the Nuclear Power Plant behind the welcome to Indiana sign.

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