Friday, August 23, 2013

Double trouble

This is Joel with a couple of his buddies on his first day of school.  :(
Well, it feels like fall but it is not!   Where is the scorching hot summer?   Joel is back at school.  He has made it just over a week but not after coming home ONCE feeling sick.   He was fine once he got home. I think he is stressed because... his teacher's husband died and I have to get gall bladder surgery. Separately they are manageable but together they cause a little boy to stress.

His teacher's husband's death is terribly sad.  I went to the funeral yesterday.    It was a really hard one to go to.    They have three kids and a large extended family.   Two of the three kids go to Joel's school.

I will be FINE after my gall bladder is taken out.   Surgical consult is Monday.

ON to happier thoughts.   WE had a SUPER DUPER AWESOME weekend because BRETT came to visit as well as UNCLE Greg!  There is nothing Aaron, Joel and I love more than having people we love at our house.    We played badminton, had a cook out and a bonfire.   We also played QWIRKLE.  Those are the joyful times you look back on that make your life worth it.

 Here are me and Joel.  Can you tell which is which?   Just kidding.  Someone said that his hair is looking like mine lately.  Guess who got a hair cut (clue: it wasn't me)

What do we have to look forward to?  Lots of things.   Today is soccer practice and dinner.  The start of a new season.  Tomorrow  Saturday is cub scout drive-in movie and I am going scrapbooking with friends beforehand.   Next weekend is Labor Day weekend and I am sure we will find someone way to have fun.
THat is all here for another month or so.

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