Wednesday, January 22, 2014

King Henry was sent for in the hour of her need

Queen Jane

by Anonymous

King Henry was sent for in the hour of her need
King Henry came to her, and he came with all speed

King Henry bent over her, and he kissed her on the lips
Crying, "What ails my flower? Her eyes are so dim"

"Henry, dear Henry, as I take you to be
Pray open my right side and save my baby"

"Oh no, Queen Jane, that never can be
To lose my sweet flower just to save my baby"

Queen Jane turned over and she fell into a swoon
Her right side was opened and the baby was found

How bright was the morning, how yellow was the bed
How costly the shroud that Queen Jane was wrapped in

Six men picked her up, and they carried her along
King Henry followed after with his black mourning on

King Henry he wept, and he wrung his hands
till they were sore
Crying, "The Flower of England will never
bloom no more"

"The Death Of Queen Jane" Old English Ballad. Public Domain.

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